Saturday, 22 February 2014


Hello everyone

Another beautiful day - makes even the horrible jobs (housework, for example) one has to do a lot easier.  I keep checking the forecast and hoping that we have seen the last of the rain and wind, so fingers and toes crossed.

Although not yet counting down the days, it is now less than two months to my first Godalming Independent Market as the organiser - exciting and a  little nerve-racking too.  More display material has been ordered, printed and is on its way to me - these signs will be placed at prominent positions (roundabouts and other places where permission is given) around Godalming for approximately a week/two weeks prior to each event.

Places are filling up for all of this year's Godalming Borough Hall events and I am getting at least one request per day for information about booking a stall.  There are quite a few new businesses taking part in this year's events and that is really good because it means different and new products for our customers to view and, of course, buy. We all know that variety is important when selling at these types of events, so new sellers alongside the regular stall holders are very welcome.

As I mentioned above, places are filling up fast and I only have 6' table spaces available at the April event now as all 3' table spaces have been booked.  April is also now fully booked for jewellery makers/sellers.  It's a popular month for the Godalming Independent Market as this one takes place in time for Easter gifts to be purchased.

Why the title 'the flyers are flying out' for this post?  Nearly all stallholders who have booked places for this year's events have agreed to take a quantity of flyers and posters - thank you everyone, it all helps with the promotion and as you know it is a two-way thing.  Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting these.  One pack is already on its way to a local event organiser who is including them in the goody bag she hands out to the first 100 visitors to her event in March.

Time to do some gardening, it's a little chilly outside but the sunshine is gorgeous.  Have a great week everyone, don't forget to get in touch if you would like to be a guest blogger here or would like more information about the Godalming Independent Markets.

Have a great weekend - 'see' you next week.


Sunday, 16 February 2014


Hi everyone

What a gorgeous day after so much miserable weather.  I know we are not completely finished with the grim winter weather, but I understand this coming week is going to be fairly reasonable. Let's hope it gives those people that have been flooded out of their home a break from the torrential rain and wind.

Onwards and upwards with the Surrey Independent Markets and Streetlife has provided me with an amazing number of  people wanting to take part in the markets.  A great variety of items and lots of them have already booked their spots at some of the events.  I am getting communications from at least one potential seller every day and this makes me feel that the Godalming Markets have a lot of interest from both sellers and buyers - thank you Streetlife.

The flyers for the first event have been published and during the beginning of March I will be posting some out to the sellers who have agreed to assist with the promotion of the events.  I am also going to make the flyer available for sellers to add to the Facebook, Blog and websites, so please let me know if you would like to take part in this promotion. Here is the flyer:

I have added our event to the Waverley Borough Council website, and I am working my way through adding the events to other visitor attraction websites.

The items donated for the raffle are increasing and I am pleased to say that a local business has offered a one month free gym pass.  I will be adding a list to a later blog of the names of the businesses who have joined in promoting the Godalming Markets.

I will be back next weekend with an update on the Godalming Markets' progress.  Have a good week everyone.


Saturday, 8 February 2014


Hello everyone

I know, not a very imaginative title but I thought it could become a piece of music - perhaps Mozart (my favourite classical composer) would have turned it into an opera? Or my other favourite composer/singer, Freddie Mercury, could have made something great out of it.  Sadly, neither of them are around, so it will have to remain just the title of this week's blog post.

A soggy week for everyone and aren't those pictures of the West Country heartbreaking?  It is hard to imagine what it must be like to lose your home, and for some having to give up their farm animals and their livelihoods, but it is an experience I really want to avoid.  We are lucky in Surrey - yes, I know it is bad in some places and the bottom of our garden is permanently under water at the moment, but on the whole we have faired well.  Let's hope it stays that way.

Welcome to my two new followers: Dawn and Jill.  Both supporters of the Godalming Independent Markets and both create beautiful work.

Another busy week with the Surrey Independent Market events - I feel as though most of the week has seen me chained to the computer.  The new banner has been designed, ordered and is on its way and here is the final design:

This is the banner which will be placed outside of the the Godalming Borough Hall for the week prior to each event.  The date of each event will be added as necessary.

In addition to completing and ordering the banner, I have also designed and ordered 1,000 fliers.  Most of these will be used for letter box drop in the residential area around the borough hall.  Others are destined to be included in goody bags that are distributed at other events - some organisers offer this to other event organisers and for a small fee it is a great way to increase promotion.  Some more will be left at venues that have agreed to hand them out for me.  I have also bought some spotty bunting and balloons - pink, green, yellow and blue.  I will add these to the display outside the borough hall and also in the entrance hall, which always seems rather dark and uninviting.

Details of the Godalming Markets have been added to Streetlife - if you haven't come across this yet, it really is worth a look.  My interpretation is that it is like a very local Twitter.  You can advertise, promote, engage friends and neighbours and find out lots of information about local activities that you might not have heard of.  I have added information about all the Godalming dates and the good news is that the listing will be seen/accessed by just over 2,000 people.  How lovely it would be if they all came to the markets - well, not all at once, but you never know.

Posting today as my 'other me' blog (Christmas Pie Crafts) is written and posted on Sundays and it was getting a little tricky to fit both of them in on the same day.

Time to unglue my fingers from the keyboard - I will be back next weekend with more information on how things are progressing for the Godalming Markets.  Don't forget to leave a comment and do get in touch if you would like to be a guest blogger.

Have a good week everyone.


Sunday, 2 February 2014


Hello everyone

The blog has its first follower - welcome Poppylocke, your work is really beautiful.

I am running a raffle at the first event (possibly others) and am very pleased to say I already have some lovely local Godalming business people taking part.  The raffle will be drawn on the day of the event and if any stallholders want to take part, please let me know.  It's another great way to promote your work.

Another busy week for me Surrey Independent Markets - lots of new sellers coming on board, which is really great.  Still space for regulars, but spaces for jewellery sellers are filling up fast.

I have spent the last few days working on a new banner for the Godalming events, as well as new business cards for Surrey Independent Markets.  Here is pic of the new banner - although as I change the layout every five minutes, this may not be the final design:

I have been busy adding the event details of websites - I know that not everyone uses the Internet but its the best place to get advance notice taken of the markets.  A few of the places details have been added to are:

Where Can We Go

Friday-ad (it will run for one month on this site and then be renewed

The Best Of

If you know of places that are good to advertise in (or on), please let em know.  I know all of us involved in the Godalming Market Events want to make them a big success, so join in the marketing and promotion with me.  Reading and comment in this blog helps, because it pushes it up the Internet rankings.

A mini post this week, lots of Independent Market work still to do, plus with my other hat on, CPC Wedding Stationery, I have two wedding fairs to create stationery for.

Don;t forget to get in touch if you would like to be a guest blogger here, lots of lovely free promotion as I will tweet your post every day in the week following publication.

Have a great week.